Monday, May 3, 2010

That'll Do Pig


Oncology is over. The final was today, and that is a good thing. I'm tired and ready to stop for a little while. I feel ok about it. I dont think I destroyed it or anything. It's more like that old guy in the movie that said, "That'll do pig. That'll do." That's about the way I feel about right now. Im good with that.

I now know that if a ferret walks up to me with bilateral symmetrical alopecia and pruritus, I can tell him he COULD have an adrenal disease. Im sure that will come in handy real soon for me.

Orthopedics is the only thing between me and summer time now. One more stinking test. Then I'm half vet. This is better than one quarter vet (which is what I've been up to this point).

Here's something. I was driving home from school today around 5ish, and this small bird was just standing in my lane. I think we can all safely say that most birds remain aware of their surroundings and flutter away when the big loud moving machines approach them. Not this one. He stood there. That lane was his. So I was faced with a decision at that point. Did I want to do the whole "dodge the entire animal in the road" maneuver, or should I try the "just keep going and hope it stays between the 2 tires" routine. I chose the swoosh between the tires routine. I'd say it was a success. The bird wasnt doing that tumbling around thing when I passed, and I didn't hear any crunching.

I have to say. That was one bold bird. Either that or he just had some zoonotic disease affecting his nervous system. I like to be a glass half full kind of guy, so Ill just go with the zoonotic disease.

We don't want those birds getting too gutsy. We need to keep those little guys in their place.

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